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July 15, 2024  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
F E A T U R E S :

New » A Message for Humanity

On Morality: The Most Sacred Good

On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear

From Darkness, Awakening: A Department of Peace

Spirit Matters:
G&G Interviews Michael Lerner

We Still Need a Religious Left

9/11 and the American Empire:
How Should Religious People Respond?

Saving Fundamentalists From the Religious Right

The Dark Jesus: Spiritual Imagery Inspires Change and Heals Racism

Will We Choose To Survive?

A Sneak-Peak Interview with the Messiah

G&G Arts - Essay
Whose Good? Who's Evil?

G&G is on hiatus.

Tony Brasunas, founder and editor-in-chief, has spent the past five years researching the failing and flailing American media corporations, and has now published in 2023 a groundbreaking new book, Red White & Blind: The Truth About Disinformation and the Path to Media Consciousness.

Editing G&G largely formed Brasunas's views on the American corporate media, from the problems of censorship to the perils of the consolidation of the media under the control of five amoral corporate behemoths. While researching the book, he learned so much more, from the history of propaganda that began with Edward Bernays in the 1920s to the revelations of the Church Committee about Operation Mockingbird in the 1970s to the systematic censorship on social media here in the 2020s. It has never been more important to develop media consciousness.

Get your copy or read a free excerpt: RedWhiteAndBlind.com >

Try out Brasunas's recommendation:
The Balanced Media Diet >

Spirituality and Politics

any people fervently hope for world peace, consciously pray for health, or faithfully meditate on the possibility of a better world. These are important activities. Many people fight passionately, tooth and nail, with dedication, for one or more particular political issues. This too is important. It is easy, however, to become disillusioned when we do not see concrete results of our hopes and prayers; and it is easy to grow exhausted without the sustaining energy available through a spiritual awareness. What isn't always easy, yet has enormous potential to bring about social change and human evolution, is bridging the gap between our spirituality and our politics. To envision the change we need with our whole heart and soul, and to ground every vision in effective, concrete, progressive action. This issue of G&G explores that nexus where spirituality and politics meet.

U P D A T E S :

  • A Message for Humanity
    Rabbi Michael Lerner
    A potent and important message is emerging out of a remote range in the far northern reaches of Colombia, South America. The Kogi Tribe issue an urgent call to realign with the Great Mother.
    by Michael Brasunas
  • From Darkness, Awakening: A Department of Peace
    Americans are ready for a new cabinet-level department. Across the nation, many are pushing the common sense notion that replacing our long-held geopolitical idea of violence-for-violence with active support for peace is both possible and necessary...
    by Robert C. Koehler
  • On Morality: The Most Sacred Good
    A former Lutheran pastor looks beyond the relative and the absolute, and finds that morality can be simply defined: it is the art of living in community. Delving deeper, exploring the larger concept of the 'Good,' he discovers that what can be called good – and sacred – is that which affirms life. How have those of us on the political left forgotten this?
    by Paul Plasencia
  • On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear
    To this prominent Buddhist, courage lies in recognizing our fear – of solitude or a mountain lion or the Iraq War – and acting in the face of that fear. When we take a chance and live with this transformation in our conduct, our courage inspires others. "Every time you find courage, I feel braver."
    by Susan Moon
F E A T U R E S:
  1. Perfect Circle - Garlic & Grass Exclusive Interview
    Rabbi Michael Lerner Spirit Matters:
    Speaking with Michael Lerner

    A visionary rabbi calls for a spiritual foundation to progressive politics which would take us beyond mere critiques of the use of money and power, and address humanity's deep hunger for connection, community, awe, love....
    Interview by Tony Brasunas
  2. Yes, We Still Need a Religious Left
    It's not the economy, stupid. It's meaning. Democrats offer no coherent sense of a higher purpose. Imagine a Democratic Party that could talk about the strength that comes from generosity and compassion to counter talk of discipline, militarism, and fear...
    by Rabbi Michael Lerner 9-11 Begs Our Response
  3. 9-11 and the American Empire:
    How Should Religious People Respond?

    A Christian theologian calls on all religious people to reconcile their awareness with their values. "I believe that religious people should respond to 9/11 and the American empire in a particular way."
    by David Ray Griffin
  4. Saving Fundamentalists From the Religious Right
    A former Lutheran pastor wonders how and why millions of good Christian fundamentalists have been duped into supporting 'the friendly face of fascism.' He finds that, well, to begin, they have nowhere else to go. So it's up to us to open our hearts and minds and save the fundamentalists.
    by Paul Plasencia
  5. Janet McKenzie's Dark Jesus The Dark Jesus: Spiritual Imagery Inspires Progressive Change and Heals Racism
    When we understand the power and the dangers that lie at the intersection of politics and spirituality, we see that our visual concept of the Divine has a profound political impact. Symbols blaze powerful paths to change...
    by China Galland
  6. Will We Choose To Survive?
    We deceive ourselves into helplessness. As members of this society, every one of us is participating in creating our human future. The author of Guns, Germs, and Steel takes a trenchant look at a range of past societies – successes and failures – and discovers history's natural advice and forewarnings...
    by Jared Diamond
  7. A Sneak-Peak Interview with the Messiah
    Jesus Christ, having finally saved Earth on his second visit, marks his 78th birthday by sitting downThe Charlie Tulip Show for a face-to-face on the Charlie Tulip Show. He recalls his latest awakening, the audience is riveted, and the Auranet – the new Internet – buzzes with contemplation and gratitude.
    by Sven Eberlein
  8. G&G Arts - Essay
    Whose Good? Who's Evil?

    To take seriously our failure to love, to take seriously our failure to own up to our actions, and to take seriously our failure to recognize evil around us and within us – this is the beginning of becoming fully human.
    by Alan Morse
R E S O U R C E S:

More Information
The Network of Spiritual Progressives, Spiritual Greens, Sojourners, Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9-11 Truth, and more...

"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul."
- Edward Abbey

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